Hello lovely! I’m so glad you stopped by. Christian blogs for women can be really hard to find, so I decided to start one. My blog is designed to empower teens and inspire them to embrace their creativity and love for Jesus. I love making friends, so feel free to drop by my contact page and say hi!

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One day I was bored. So I grabbed my laptop and searched the web for a Christian blog that I could relate to. One that had everything. Fashion, DIY, hand lettering, faith, inspiration, and all that I was interested in. I wanted to be inspired. And you wouldn’t believe what happened. I didn’t find one. So, I decided to make one.

That was in 2016. Now, here I am with a Christian blog for women, 11k monthly pageviews on Pinterest, and a (slowly) growing email list. And guess what?! I found websites that inspired and motivated me in my blogging journey, in my journey of faith, and in my journey of art. There really are amazing blogs out there if you look hard enough.

The moral of the story is, I found my way to make a difference. And you can too. Much love to you, beautiful, and I hope you leave my blog inspired. Once again, if you ever want to get in touch, shoot me an email or a DM. I would love to hear from you!