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hey hey hey hey hey HEY!!!

Can we just shout a huge HELLO to August? (seriously dude, when did you show up???)

First of all, I think you’ve probably noticed how UNSCHEDULED I’ve been lately…

Well yeah. I think I just need some time and space. On my own. Without trying to scrounge for ideas and scrap blog posts from the bottom of my shoe.

So there we have it, friends! I’m going on a break! I’d rather take a break until I can come back with 100% than keep trudging on with a rapidly decreasing 50%. Sorry, y’all.

I’m kinda sad but SUPER EXCITED, and you can *hopefully* expect me back somewhere around mid-Septiembre and **hopefully** with an all new look and some super fun changes. just wanted to give y’all a heads up <3

Until then,



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