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Welcome back, writerly friend! Whether you’re enamored with words or you’re working on a school report, these resources will help you improve your writing and you may just visit these sites every week!! Enjoy these 4 resources for writers! <3

WoRd HiPpO

“thesaurus and word tools for your creative needs” 

I recently discovered this site and use it allll the time. Type in a word and you can find definitions, antonyms, synonyms, WORDS THAT RHYME, sentences that use it, translations, etc. It’s ggrreeaatt. 


MaGic bAbY NaMEs

to give all your characters super cool, unique names

All of my characters in my current WIP have names from that site, I’m pretty sure.🙊 It’s really neat because you literally just type in a name you like, and it will give you a whole bunch of names that are similiar.

(for example,  if you like traditional names like John, you can get all kinds of traditional names. But, if you like more unique boy names like Lorenzo or Caspien or Vincent or Blaize, you can type one of those in and get more unique names than John.)



to make your writing more bold and clear

Hemingway is a free editor, where you just copy and paste your beautiful masterpiece and it will show you how to make it better (cutting out super long sentences/ making them shorter to make it easier to read, cutting out weaker words/phrases, etc.)

You can even write in the app and get advice WHILE you’re writing, but I don’t recommend that. *mostly because you may be like me and have like 5627 tabs open and you’ll just x them out thinking you just have coffee recipes and Pinterest and Word Hippo open, and then adios writing that you just spent hours on*

(it never happens exactly like that but you get the point😅)

(and I never have 5627 tabs open but sometimes it really does feel like it.)


WelL sToriEd

some great tips to improve your writing

Being perfectly honest (like always), I just found this blog…. last week maybe? But I signed up for the course about creating complex characters and WHEW!!!

This 👏 Girl 👏 Is 👏 Good. 👏

It was completely free and great quality that I didn’t have to pay for. Like, I feel like I know my characters so much better and it was just a quick 10 day thing!! Do yourself (and your writing/readers) a favor and CHECK OUT HER BLOG!!! 

I hope you liked these resources for writers as much as me!! Feel free to drop your thoughts below; your comments make my day. ♡

Have a great week, dear.


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