Journaling– What All the Hype’s About + Simple Journaling Challenge

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Heyo beautiful reader!! Long time no read, eh? I’m so sorry I haven’t been around in a while, but I have a whole boatload of fun posts planned for July, so we’ll see what happens! So, without furthur ado, let’s talk about journaling– what all the hype’s about + 30 day journaling challenge!!


This is what journaling means to me:


  • it’s messy ink blotches and tear drops and all of the goodness (or not-so-goodness) that you experience, on paper to experience again later. 


  • it’s finding all the good things God has given you and writing them down so that you can never forget them and instead choose to dwell on them. 


  • it’s taking a little bit of time out of your day to get OFF YOUR PHONE and just c r e a t e 


  • it’s your messy, sometimes incoherent, crazy emotions and thoughts dumped out on a page. 


  • it’s taking everything jumbled up in your brain and dumping it out on a page. 

Why do it?

Because I think it’s kinda good for you. Getting your thoughts out of your head where you can see them. Remembering every single moment–good and bad– so you can see how far you’ve come. 

Oh, and also….


Who doesn’t love getting to c r e a t e  and use washi tape and polariod pictures and new gel pens and fresh notebook pages and Crayola markers and NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHO SEES IT BECAUSE IT’S JUST YOURS???? <3

There’s something so fun and cool about creating stuff that nobody else has to SEE. It’s just y o u r s


That being said, I don’t journal very much. Like. At all. 🙈

SOOOOO, that’s why I’m inviting you to join me and journal. every day. for 30 days. 

Why? To make good habits. To get outside instead of technology. To face our emotions head on instead of ignoring them and mindlessly scrolling through social media

Joining the journaling challenge? Feel free to let me know!

And if you write or draw something that you want to share, feel free to tag me and/or #sosjournalingchallenge. Plus, I created a Pinterest board with inspiration and prompts in case you need it. 😉


Enjoy, my friend!


ps y’all are AWESOME


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pppps much love, my friend. 



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