5 Hand Lettered + FREE Printables for Summer

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Hey friend! Are you crazy about free printables?

Cause I spent this morning scrolling through Pinterest in search of whimsical, summery quotes. And then I turned them into fun, handlettered creations. The best part? I made it so YOU can enjoy them too 😉 Let’s dive into these 5 hand lettered and FREE printables for summer. 

ps let me know if there’s any trouble getting to them and I’ll get my technical team on it (aka me and my dad).

Printable #1

Grab the pdf here. 



Printable #2

grab the pdf here🌼



Printable #3

Here’s the pdf!!

Printables 4 & 5

Oh and here are some cute bookmarks for those of you who love to spend your summer in a book🤩

Or it’s just a different size variety for your summer gallery wall. You know, whatever works. 😉

                  cute bookmark for summer

Grab bookmark 1 \\\\\ Grab bookmark 2



Oh, and guess what?! To grab these two extra gems, all you have to do is punch in your email below!! 

ps no spam, just stuff I think you’ll love💗

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