The First Step to Overcoming Fear

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“I can’t” is a beautiful step in the right direction. 

See, the first step to overcoming your fear is admitting it. It’s scary, digging out your weakness, things you’ve been desperately trying to hide. And sometimes it’s downright terrifying to admit the steps you need to take to overcome your obstacles. 

You have fears. We all do. You have weaknesses. We all do. You have imperfections, scars, past mistakes that haunt you. We all do. But how is God supposed to take over those little parts if we don’t GIVE them to Him? If we don’t admit we have a problem, we can’t work to fix it. 

So here’s my two cents:

Admit that you can’t. Go ahead. Okay, I’ll say it for you. 


I can’t.

None of us CAN, because removing our problems is what God wants to do. So go ahead, admit that you can’t. Admit that you’re scared. Admit that your comfort zone, the little box you’ve built for yourself is a comfortable place for you to be. And you don’t want to leave it.

That’s OKAY. We’re all humans. We all can’t. 

BUT….. Don’t let it stop there.

Dig out the issue, admit that you can’t fix it alone, but don’t let that be where it ends.

Because the beautiful truth is: GOD. CAN. 

That amazing Father that is watching over you and loves you so much it’s almost unbelievable, HE CAN. 

You need an example? Okay, look:


He was probably scared. 

He probably admitted his fear to God. 

But if he had stopped at “I can’t,” how would Goliath have fallen?



BOOM. Point made.

Look. I’m not trying to preach at you, or get super up in your face, because this is literally for me too.

I’m just trying to show you what God has been putting in my heart and doing in my life. See, fear is not easy to admit. It’s hard to admit that you’re imperfect. But that is the first step to achieving beautiful freedom. 

You have to admit that you can’t. 

You have to put it in God’s hands, and let him remove the fear. 

And the most important part? God is with you all the way. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. It doesn’t matter that your human brain can’t seem to wrap around the terrific concept of the beautiful things He is doing for you. What matters is that you let Him move in your life.


Oh, and girl? God sees the good, the bad, and the ugly. And the ugliest. And he still calls you beautiful. He is here loving and caring and showing you new things through the whole process.

So much hugs and prayer heading your way, beautiful one! 

Love, Lydia. 

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