Choosing Joy

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Today I just want to share my heart. Is that okay? Let’s talk about choosing joy.

Recently, I’ve really been feeling spiritually stuck. I’ve been writing all kinds of blog posts from this little hole that I’ve been sucked into.

I tried to lift you all up, telling you how much God loves you, but somehow, I just didn’t believe it for myself. I would talk all about feeling motivated, when I just couldn’t seem to find it for ME.

I even wrote blog posts about being stuck, and how you just had to keep waiting. Because I was really feeling that one. I kept telling y’all, “God’s gonna bring you a breakthrough. Keep hanging on.” But that was really really hard to put into practice, ya feel me?

I really wanted to just feel RIGHT again. I just wanted to be back to normal, out of this low place. I just wanted to cover up all the pain and be OKAY.


And today, I had a little victory. Not a big one, not something that you all can gasp about. But it’s something that makes me feel like singing from the rooftops. Like out loud. At the top of my lungs.


You see, God showed me, just like He always does, that I wasn’t called to feel OKAY all the time. I wasn’t made to be normal. He gave me a low place, so I could tell other people about my low place, and so I could rejoice in the high place!

He gave me this time, so that I could REJOICE. So basically “Girl, quit your complaining. I put you here, I want you here. Be okay with here.”

And you know what? That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to rejoice that God loves me and is shaping me into the person I was MADE to be. I am going to sing, even if it’s just in my mirror, or lip syncing to a worship song with a hairbrush.


And you know what else? I am going to spread that rejoicing vibe. I am going to choose to be happy with where God has put me, and to show the world that I can sing with joy in my low places.


So, yah. I love you and thank you so much for taking time to listen to my little rambles. I pray that this blesses someone, and resonates with where you are at right now. I’m praying for you!

Let me know in the comments what God is doing in your life and/or how I can pray for you!

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