My Advice for Every New Season in Your Life

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So far, my teenage years have been some of the best years of my life, but also the hardest. They are filled with growth and joy and new beginnings. New friendships, get togethers, discoveries, so many new responsibilities. But also insecuritis and pain. Here’s my advice for your teenage years.

I was prepared to *finally* be invited to all the outings with the “cool kids.” I was prepared for exciting new adventures. I was prepared to be 13. 🎉 But I wasn’t prepared for this.

To all teenagers, pre teens, and anyone entering a new season in their lives, here’s my advice:

This is a special season God has prepared for you. He’s not going to ask you to be perfect and always in a good mood, just PREPARE TO BE MOLDED.

Your teenage years are not about having perfect hair and perfect clothes and FITTING IN. It’s about trusting God and learning to NOT FIT IN.

With all the pressure to be accepted by social media and popular people, this season is about finding your own voice and standing up and saying: I’M GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. FOR JESUS.

If I could give any advice to my 13 year old self, it would be this: 

This is a new season. Not a season of learning to be perfect, and not a season of no mistakes. It’s a season of CHANGE.

You are changing, you are finding who you are meant to be. OH YES, There is going to be fun and freedom and new privileges. But PREPARE YOURSELF, cause God is gonna come and change EVERYTHING.

He’s going to change the way you function, the way you see yourself and your body, the way your mind thinks. He’s going to change YOU.

So if I could say ONE THING, it would be this: Just show up and LET. GOD. MOVE. inside of you.

So, my dear friend, whatever season you are heading into, I’m praying that it will be a beautiful one filled with Jesus and adventures. Just remember, when you ask God to guide your footsteps, you have to be willing to MOVE YOUR FEET.

Much love and prayers, Lydia.

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