3 Steps to Setting Goals & SMASHING THEM

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I have this problem of setting goals like: be a violinist, pianist, saxophonist, successful blogger, publish a book, keep up a YouTube channel, pin regularly to market for my blog, write daily, etc. etc. etc.

Whew. That’s a whole lot to take in. And *spoiler alert* I don’t wake up everyday and say “This is how I’m going to start being a successful blogger,” or “Today I’m going to try to work towards my goal of being a violinist.”

Ummm no. Do you? Because I don’t. But yet, I still really really REALLY want to meet all those goals.

I don’t HAVE to do that,  because I’ve created a 3 step method for A) setting goals that I can ACTUALLY ACHIEVE, and B) Smashing those goals.




Okay, I’m going to give it to you straight. “I want to be fit and healthy,” isn’t exactly a foolproof plan, now is it? But when you break that down and say, “My first goal is to score a gym membership and then plan some healthy meals for this week.” Now we’re talking. 

Because that is a physical goal you can literally DO. You can look up gyms close to you on the Internet, and meal plans for a week. You can’t just START BEING as fit as you want to be. 

So step 1 is about sitting down and laying out your future goals, and breaking them down into smaller, achievable ones. Then, you can keep progressing with your small goals and you’ll eventually reach your huge goal.



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Okay, you’ve got goals. Now how can you achieve those goals?

It all starts with: Don’t go get on Instagram and waste away several hours and then be like: Where did the time go? Man, I have to take a shower and go to bed and I guess I can’t practice the violin and write blog posts and those 5,000 words on my novel!

And how do we avoid that? Planning. Goals. 

Grab a notebook and maybe even a cup of tea and plan away. Get creative, get on Pinterest, MAKE IT FUN. Any way that you can incorporate your goals into your everyday life or make them fun, that’s great. Because the more fun things you add, the more INSPIRED you are to ACHIEVE your goal. 


(ex., when I write a story or blog post, I do some boring things and then some fun things to break it up! To brighten up a story I create Pinterest boards for my characters and when writing a blog post take a break to design images.




You may think all the writing down stuff is a little extreme, but it takes a small amount of time and gets you on the road to achieving your goals.

When you have a big ole pile of stuff to do, it’s really hard to get off your couch, know what I mean? So instead of sitting down to write a whole blog post and schedule pins and create images and ALL THAT GOODNESS, separate it into small chunks. For example, Wednesday write a blog post, Thursday create images with Canva, and Friday schedule it to be published.


All that in a nutshell:

1) Break down all of your future dreams into goals that you can actually achieve.  

2) Plan it out, make a list, make it FUN.


3) Take SMALL steps. 

You are going to do great, beautiful, amazing things in this world. You just need to believe in yourself and the God you serve. So go tackle some amazing goals and CHANGE. 👏 THE. 👏 WORLD. 👏


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What’s up? Tell me what you’re thinking in the comments below. Can’t wait to hear from you! 💗


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