The Power of Unplugging| How to DESTROY Your Creative Barriers

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Hey fam! It’s time to unplug.

If you’ve been feeling like you hit a creative plateau lately, or maybe there’s just too many distractions going on right now, or if you just feel… unmotivated, this is for YOU. 

When was the last time you took a deep breath and turned off your wifi?

When was the last time you got up off your couch to be OUTSIDE?

When was the last time you banished all distractions from your brain to just enjoy everything that’s going on around you?

That’s what we’re doing today. 



Lately I’ve been feeling a little stuck. Writer’s block, a creative plateau, whatever you want to call it.

So I tried something new.

I tried unplugging all my distractions. I shut my laptop. I put my phone in Airplane mode. And I decided to do everything that I could think to do without wifi.

And it was AWESOME. You know that room cleaning project that needed done? That half finished story that’s been laying on your desk for a week? Those things get worked on. And you don’t have any pressure to get it done.

You’re just focusing on the moment. 


I can already here the protests. 

“But then I can’t write blog posts…”  Grab a notebook and pen.

“I can’t leave my 100+ insta followers waiting! I have comments to reply to!” Do it later. 

And to every other excuse…. Come on, girl. Just try it. At least once. 


All that in a nutshell: Turn off your wifi and do something productive and FUN, that doesn’t suck the soul out of your projects like social media does. Some of my most favorite masterpieces happen on accident. 


Extra bonus: Grab a FREE printable to outline and prioritize your projects! + you get a motivational poster to inspire you and keep you going!💗


 Let’s talk!  

What’s you favorite way to unplug? What do you do to destroy your creative plateaus?

Don’t be afraid to comment below && let me know what you think!

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