3 Things You Can Learn (As a Christian) From My Mistakes

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Darkness. Soul-sucking, heart crushing darkness. Darkness that steals every bit of joy and happiness that you could ever hope to have.

Longing for something, anything to numb the pain. Grasping for anything even the smallest ray of sunshine in the darkness.

That’s what my life felt like, believe it or not. I was sucked into a black hole of fear and guilt. I blogged about how much Jesus loves YOU but my heart couldn’t seem to accept that He loved me too. But you would never believe what happened.

Jesus happened.

Now, this story may sound boring, but what Jesus did to me was ANYTHING but boring. Think of the most beautiful ray of sunshine illuminating the darkest dark that ever darkened. Think of your biggest breakthrough.

Yah, that’s what Jesus did. Slowly but surely He proved His love for me. And now, I’m writing this, with the most beautiful joy in my heart. Because Jesus loves me, and through Him I’m overcoming the fear and guilt, little by little.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want to save you all the grasping and searching and sitting in darkness. So listen to me.

God promises that you are loved. And God NEVER breaks His promises. I know the feeling. “Am I loved? No, He couldn’t love me. But His Word says…. But that only counts for everyone else.” NO NO NO. Erase that from your brain right. now. God says He loves you, and He is not lying.


I don’t care what you are going through, God has an answer to your problems. There is NOTHING to big for God. So give it to Him, and don’t worry about it, because He has totally got you!

3. There is ALWAYS MORE within you.
Always believe in the more that is within you through Christ. There is more love, more strength, more patience, more everything inside of you because God is inside you. Max Lucado puts it this way:

“It’s easy to feel anything but important when the corporation sees you as a number, the boyfriend treats you like cattle, your ex takes your energy, or old age takes your dignity. Somebody important? Hardly.

When you struggle with that question, remember this promise of God: You were created by God, in God’s image, for God’s glory.”

My dear, you are deeply loved, you can overcome anything through Christ, and you always have more inside you because GOD is inside you.

Have a phenomenal week resting in God’s love and amazing promises! Catch you next time😉


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