5 Amazing Resources for Artists That Are Completely FREE

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Calling all artists!! This is a roundup of blogs/websites that are completely free and will help you in your art journey. From art communities to inspirational videos to art education, we’ve got it all. 

PS these are in a random order, not least to greatest or anything. 

1. Skinny Artist

OH. WOW. This is one of my favorite art resources out there! It’s a blog community for artists that you are going to LOVE. Take a look at their blog posts and just TRY not to get stuck there all day. I know, it’s nearly impossible. 

2. Ted Blog

Okay this is for anyone, really. All kinds of videos and blog posts to lift you up and inspire you. Go check it out 😉

3. Artists Inspire Artists

This is a community designed for artists to inspire each other with their art.It’s a great place for you to find inspiration and ALL KINDS of different art forms. 

4. This is Colossal 

This is an awesome place for you to learn about all different kinds of art and possibly find new creative endeavors to pursue. enjoy 😉

5. The Artist Entrepreneur 

This blog covers so much about art and business and it is so extremely helpful! Extra plus, they have great values such as creativity, integrity, generosity, and more.


I hope you love these resources as much as I do! Enjoy expanding you art knowledge and exploring the very depths of your creativity. Have a great week, friend!  


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