Here’s How You Can Improve the World Around You RIGHT NOW

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At every outdoor shindig, she sits in the shadows. At every indoor party, she finds a corner. On every school day, she sits alone at lunch.  Every day in her life, she tries to stay hidden. She wears huge sweatshirts to hide what she really looks like. When she walks down the hallway at school, she’s doing all she can not to run to the bathroom and cry. 

There are literally so many people around you struggling with depression, anxiety, insecurity, etc. Maybe you are one of those people. Maybe you understand what it feels like.

Here’s how you can change the world around you:

  • Be kind to every single person, because you never know what they are going through. 

I know a person that is always made fun of, or people are always mean to them. You know why? Because all they can see is how mean that person is to them. But at home, that person is made fun of. No one is nice to them. So they take out their anger at school. Be kind to everyone, because you never know what kind of awful things they’ve been put through. Maybe your kindness will change their life.

  • Don’t jokingly insult them because you never know how it will make them feel.

I know someone that is very sensitive, and there is nothing wrong with that. They were born that way. What is wrong, however, is when people make fun of them with the excuse that it’s “just a joke.” You never know how deep your words cut, how much it affects the person you speak them too. On the flip side, you never know how an amazing kind word or too will change their life.

  • Always go the extra mile. 

When someone drops their backpack and everything spills out, stop to help them. Bake some cookies for the mailman. Write a kind note to someone who is struggling. Do something extra for someone. It may be exactly what they need today.

I believe that you can change the world, at least the world around you. So you go, girl! Change the world!

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