How to be Productive| Getting Things Done AND Taking Good Care of Yourself

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We want to get stuff done and make a difference, but oh my. Technology with all of its glory can be super distracting. When you’re out and about, you think of all the things you need to do. And then you get home and try to get down to business, and wow. Notifications and social media and and all that good stuff just gets you completely off track. So how do you stay focused and productive?

Here are my best ideas:

  • Decide what really matters. What does being productive mean to you? To me, it means completing important tasks, but also spending time with my Creator and feeling great. If you’re slaying dragons, but you feel awful, is that really being productive? Prioritizing is very important if you want to get things done and still take care of yourself.
  • Make a list. I’ve never really been a list maker. But when you can write down all of your ideas and see them in front of you, it’s easier to stay focused. It also helps to remember everything you have to do, so forgetting isn’t an excuse.
  • Finish your tasks. Get your list out in front of you and pick the most important tasks to go first. If you want, you can set a timer, so that you’ll be more determined and less likely to get distracted.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks! Breaks for coffee, simple relaxation, whatever. Breaks are super important to avoid burnout.

I hope you have lots of fun and get lots of stuff done! Love, Lydia.

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