How to Cure Creative Burnout

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Everybody loses inspiration every once in a while. You can call it creative burnout. Or writer’s block. So how do you fix this problem?


Turn your computer around, walk away from your project, and take a break. Oh, and by the way, no stressing over your project is allowed during this break time. Go grab some cookie dough and watch When Calls the Heart. Fix some peppermint tea and curl up with a good book. Don’t have time? Just go for a short walk and get some fresh air. The point of this break? To get your mind off the project and have some fun.  


Now you’ve had some chill time, and you’re feeling super relaxed and stress free. If not, go back to step one. 😉 This step is very important, because it gives you a new perspective. So basically, find videos and blog posts that pertain to your project for inspiration. (If you’re a writer, Abbie Emmons has an amazing YouTube channel you need to check out. You can thank me later)


And now that you’re relaxed, inspired, and ready to go again, have fun creating! I really hope this helps with your burnout, and I LOVE getting feedback from you guys, so feel free to hit me up. 😉 You can read about all that on my contact page.

Bye for now, wonderful reader friend!

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