The Mind-Blowing Fact That Will Transform The Way You Think About Yourself

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When you’re trying to put yourself out there in any way, it’s easy to get discouraged. Maybe it’s putting your content on YouTube, starting a blog, or even just having an account on social media.

So let me tell you something that’s completely mind blowing. YOUR VOICE MATTERS. What you have to offer the world is important.

Do you know how I know that? Because God gave it to you. Would He have given you talents and gifts if He didn’t plan for you to touch the world?

So please, please don’t give up. I know what it’s like to create your content with way less pizazz than you could have, because nobody is going to find it anyway, right? Wrong. Even if nobody is tuned in right now, someone’s going to find it someday.

God has HUGE plans for you and your talents. So keep on creating it and posting it and sharing it with the world. And give it your very best. You are going to make some waves!

Keep on keeping on, dearie. Love, Lydia.

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