6 Female Christian Influencers You Should Follow Immediately

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Also a part of SpireGirl, I’m sharing some of my favorite Christian influencers to follow. 💗


L I V Y    J A R M U S C H

Livy is an author, blogger, singer, songwriter, YouTuber, and so much more. Her heart for Jesus and other people is so sweet and inspiring, she’s super talented, and her books are amazing. You can find her on Instagram, YouTube, and her blog.


A B B I E    E M M O N S

Abbie is an amazing blogger, YouTuber, writer, traveler, and musician. Her YouTube channel is super fun to watch, her blog is super fun to read, and her Instagram account is super fun to look at.


A B B Y    R O S E    N I C H O L S

She is always spreading sunshine to everyone she meets, whether online or in person. Her voice is amazing, and she is truly an inspiration. Hop on over and check out her blog and Instagram account.


E M M A    M A E    J E N K I N S

Speaker, blogger, YouTuber, and writer, Emma Mae Jenkins is one of the brightest people on the planet. And by that, I mean she is full of sunshine and she almost always has a smile on her face. You can also find her here.


S A D I E    R O B E R T S O N

Saide Robertson is so inspiring, always trying to lift up the people around her. I love her YouTube videos, and seeing her inspiration in my Instagram feed is one of my favorite things. Oh, and her podcast, “Whoa, That’s Good,” is so much fun.


S T E P H A N I E    M A Y    W I L S O N

Stephanie’s blog and podcast are fantabulous. And I don’t use that word lightly. 😂 Oh, and her book, “The Lipstick Gospel,” is absolutely BOMB.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy checking out these inspiring influencers! 🌸

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