How I Use Pinterest for Character Inspiration

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Today we’re talking about how to use Pinterest for character inspiration. Like when you know you need more characters, but you just don’t know who to add? Well, here’s a solution.

Pinterest is my happy place, in case you haven’t noticed. So how are we using it today? Well, let’s try this. Search “male character inspiration” or “female character inspiration.” All kinds of faces will pop up. Choose one that pops out at you, and think about what role they play in the story, how they relate to the protagonist, etc. Just play around and see if you find any characters that you really like. It couldn’t hurt, right?

Here are a few characters from my current WIP, “Rebel.” (Remember, these are all just images I grabbed on Pinterest for inspiration. 😉


If Aiyana was a horse, she would be a Palomino. Witty, charming, and beautiful. But how will she react when she’s thrown into a whirlwind of pain, danger, and fear?


Chenoa has always hated Aiyana. Her life is just so perfect. What will happen when the two have to work together to survive?




Kimi is a beautiful and mysterious member of the tribe. She’s quiet and shy, and every time someone tries to talk to her about how she got here, she shuts down. Most people avoid her because of her mysterious past, but she just wants to prove that she can be helpful.


Darren lives in the closest American town to Aiyana’s tribe. He has high hopes for his new job as a journalist for the Daily Deluge. But will he let the appeal of a juicy story get in the way of relationships with people he cares about?

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you love this method!

With lots and lots of love, Lydia.



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