5 Reasons Why You Are Enough

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So many people are living their lives like they’re not enough. They feel like a failure, because they just can’t seem to reach that bar, or meet those high standards. Here’s why you are not a failure.

God made you. 
If you think you’re a failure, you are wrong. God created you, and He doesn’t make mistakes. God doesn’t just accidentally slip up every once in a while and make a failure. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

You simply need to lower the bar. 

If you feel like you’re not enough because you can’t meet your own standards, your standards are too high. If the bar is higher than you can possibly reach, even at your best, it’s too high. Start over, and start small.

You can’t base your progress on other people. 

If you base your definition of success on other people’s, you are always going to feel like a failure. God made us all with different strengths, and we all move at a different pace. Maybe that bar is great for someone else, but it’s not where it needs to be for you.

God’s bar for you is not impossible to reach. 

God loves you so much, and He wants you to succeed. He’s not going to make a super high bar that you can’t reach to make you fail. If you are trying your absolute best, you’re succeeding. If you give 100% you can reach that bar.

Jesus died to make you enough.  

Jesus loves you to death. Literally. So even though you may not be enough by yourself, Jesus died to make you enough.

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