How to Bible Journal with Only a Notebook

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Bible journaling is taking words that God has given you, words that are complete GOLD, and splashing it across a page. And you can do that anywhere! So basically, anything can be your bible journal. The best part? You don’t even have to “be artistic.”

So grab your Bible, a notebook, and your favorite set of pens and let’s dig in! I want you to think of one of your absolute favorite verses or some song lyrics you’re in love with. Or maybe you can think of something God showed you in your devos.

If you want a background, that’s super cool. If not, that’s cool too. Every once in a while I lack to add a little background fun with watercolors, but you could always just use crayons or light colored markers.

Now for the words. If hand lettering isn’t your cup of tea, the Internet is full of beautiful, free fonts. You can mix and match fonts and print them out. Cut out the words and glue them down. Add in little doodles that go with the theme of your verse/ song lyrics/ golden nuggets from God. Once again, if you’re “not artistic” you can print out a doodle, color it, and glue it.

These are all just suggestions. There is no wrong way to Bible journal. It’s just connecting with our Creator through a little art. If you want to use stickers for the words, go for it. If you’re “not creative” and you don’t want to make a design, you can just take notes. 

Also, I would love for you to check out this post on brainstorming a bible journaling design. I hope you have tons of fun, lovely! Much love and bunches of blessings, Lydia

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