Why Bible Journaling is Definitely a Good Idea

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Colors swirl across the page. Words flow in a beautiful pattern. Bible journaling is gorgeous, but what’s the point? I’m sure you’ve seen the beautiful pins and images, but is it a waste of time?

Absolutely not. Bible journaling is a deliberate, fun way to connect with your Creator. I love how Stephanie May Wilson puts it. She says that our God is anything but plain, boring or vanilla. And our time with Him shouldn’t be either.

Have you ever just read a chapter and called it good? Checked it off your busy checklist, but you didn’t get anything out of it? Well here is where that stops. Bible journaling means you are taking out the golden nuggets that God has shown you, and splashing them across a page in whatever way you want.

You are taking time to create with your Creator. Using the talents that God has given you to connect with him. So yes, it is a good idea, even if you’re only using a notebook. Want to know how to do it? Watch out for the upcoming post next Monday on how to bible journal with only a notebook. Till then, I hope you have a positively fabulous week! Much love and bunches of blessings, Lydia.

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