Choosing a Positive Future Focus

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Hey there, lovely! Today we’re talking about choosing a positive future focus. In other words, what you do from now on is your choice, so let’s talk about the right one to make.

The past molded you, shaped you, and in a way made you who you are today. The people you met, the places you went, and the situations you found yourself in all had a small part in making you you.

Maybe you did questionable things. You made huge mistakes. Terrible things happened to you. People you loved died. People betrayed you.

But the past is over now. You choose your future focus.

You can choose to focus on all the terrible things that happened. You can let the past destroy you. Or, you can look at the terrible things and learn from them. Make a choice to never be like the people that hurt you.

In this journey with you sister! XOXO, Lydia

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