A Messy Masterpiece| God Didn’t Make Us to Be Perfect

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I like to be in control. But every morning when I wake up, there’s something ahead of me that I can’t control. A mountain I can’t move. A tree I just can’t climb.

We try so hard to be perfect. To be perfect for our kids, to be perfect for our friends, to be perfect for our family. But God did not make us to with the ability to do everything. Why?

God made that mountain immovable for you. God made that tree unclimbable for you. Why? So that you would ask him to move it.

God loves you. He wants you to come to him with problems. And if he made you strong, you wouldn’t need to come to him for strength. If you could do everything, you wouldn’t come to him for help.

So when there’s a mountain you can’t move, don’t get upset about it. When there’s a tree you can’t climb, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t be depressed because you think you’re a failure.

Turn to God. Just remember that he has it in his hands and he knows what he’s doing. He wants you to come to him. Have a great week trusting in God, beautiful.

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