5 Stunning Ways to Style Plaid

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Crisp air. Colorful leaves. Pumpkin spice lattes. Fall. You know, the season when all the stores all pull out the good ole pumpkin theme, and you get pumpkin soap, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin decor, pumpkin everything. The season that’s filled with s’mores and sweaters. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you’re talking about fall fashion? For me, it’s plaid. So today we’re going to talk about how to style a plaid shirt.

Plaid has that class and old-fashioned charm that can totally transform an outfit. If you wear it right. Here’s are 5 of my favorite ways to style plaid:

1. Wrap a plaid shirt around your waist.

Do you have a cute t-shirt that matches your plaid? Great! Grab a cute skirt and your t-shirt, and then throw the plaid shirt around your waist. Done! Do you have an adorable striped dress? Great! Slip on your dress and throw the shirt around your waist. Done! It’s so simple to achieve this adorable look.

how to style a plaid shirt- way #1

2. Wear it like a cardigan.

Grab that cute t-shirt again, and then use the plaid shirt as a cardigan.

how to style plaid #2

3. Plaid blanket scarf.

Okay, I know this is definitely not a plaid shirt, but it’s so cute and inexpensive if you find the right one. What about the rest of the outfit? Well, you just need a sweater or a plain colored tee and a skirt. Done. Grab yours for less than $5 with free shipping! 

4. Style a plaid shirt buttoned up.

Button up your plaid shirt like normal and add in some cute booties and a vest. Boom! An adorable outfit overflowing with fall vibes!

5. Pair it with denim.

Do you have a great denim vest that you’re just dying to wear? Or maybe you have an adorable denim jumper? Use your plaid shirt as a base and throw the denim on top.

I hope you loved these tips on how to style a plaid shirt! And I hope you have lots of fun creating adorable outfits this fall!

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