For The Girl Who Struggles With Insecurity

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You duck your head as the cutest girl in school walks by. Expensive clothes, makeup, hair styled to perfection. What does she think of you? “I’m a sewer rat compared to her,” you think. “My clothes are hand-me-downs, I don’t own any makeup, and I don’t know the first thing about hair.” You spent the entire morning agonizing, trying to find a cute outfit, trying to get your hair to cooperate, and she probably only spent like five minutes to get ready. How is everyone else so effortlessly perfect when you spend so much time trying to be and you’re still way off the mark?

But that’s the problem. You just compared yourself to someone else. You try to tell yourself that you shouldn’t compare. That God’s opinion is the only one that matters. Which is true, but it’s a lot easier said than done.

So how do we put that into practice? We know that we’ll never banish our insecurities when we’re comparing ourselves. But when you walk into the hallway at school, and you see everyone else, you just want to run to some secluded corner and cry. Grab a sweatshirt to hide beneath. Slip into your locker and disappear. Start homeschooling or something. Anything that keeps you from having to suffer all the humiliation that school is made of.

The truth? The cause of our insecurities is not the kids at school. It’s the ugly voice inside of us that tells us we are not enough. Not skinny enough. Not cute enough. Not stylish enough. Not EVER enough. How do we get rid of the insecurity? We don’t. But what we do, is be so fully covered in God’s love and peace, that the ugly voice is drowned out. What we do, is be so fully lost in Him, that we can’t hear that ugly voice.

So join me in preparing for school this year. And I don’t mean school supplies. I mean prayer, love, faith. That kind of preparation. Let’s be so filled of Him, that there’s no room for insecurity.

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