How to Make a Mood board {+ Examples By Me}

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This ones for the creatives out there, especially the ones that are up for something new. Crafting digitally!! A mood board is kind of like a collage + it’s a really cute and easy way to share stuff with friends!! This is how I do it:

Step 1: Decide on a theme.

Maybe you want to share your vacay, spread some inspo, or organize your ideas. A mood board works for about anything. The one I created is just a display of my summer essentials and favorite things.

Step 2: Collect your photos.

Take them, gather up old ones, find new ones on Unsplash, or if you use Milanote to make your mood board, it has its own little photo library.

Step 3: Make your mood board!!

Go to Milanote, create your account for free, and make your marvelous little board! Click this link to check out mine!

(You can’t really view my mood board on a phone; you have to use a laptop. If you don’t have one, you can look online for examples!! Sorry lovelies!)

Enjoy!! I hope you have a lot of fun making a unique little mood board with all kinds of fun and inspiration!!

XOXO, Lydia

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