The Battle of Doubt and Dreams

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This one’s for the newbies. The ones that have never played that game before. The ones that are scared to, because they don’t want to fail.

I’ve been there. Actually, that happened this weekend. I LOVE playing volleyball. It’s my favorite sport; but the people that were playing volleyball were REALLY GOOD at volleyball. I knew that I was going to fumble and mess up, because I had never actually played a game of volleyball in a group setting with that many people. So, naturally I just sat down and didn’t play.

Well, needless to say I got dragged into the game by a fellow newbie who didn’t want to look ridiculous because she had never played before. Yes, I fumbled and messed up. Yes, it was embarrassing. But everyone knew that I had never played before, and they didn’t expect me to be a pro the first time I played. I ended up having a super fun night, and I couldn’t wait until the next time I played.

For all you know, if you don’t try, you’ll miss out on a wonderful experience. This applies to ANYTHING in life.

You may really want to do something, but you just don’t because you’re afraid. My challenge for you this week is this: Don’t let doubt kill your dreams. Get out there and do something that you’re scared of doing.

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