Tales of Tarsurella Treasure Hunt

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Welcome to The Tales of Tarsurella Treasure Hunt! Location #2

Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card

How it works: Follow along with The Rebellion Tour and collect clues at various blog posts throughout the Tour. The clues collected at each assigned stop will be hidden as Pin-able images. After pinning all the images to the Pinterest board of your choosing (we recommend starting a new board!), submit your board to livylynnauthor@yahoo.com for a chance to win the treasure: a $25 Amazon gift card! 

If your board includes all the needed clues, your name will be entered into the random drawing. 

The deadline to submit your Pinterest board is Friday June 1st, and the winner will be announced on June 2nd! 

“Welcome to the front desk! We hope your stay at the Palace is everything you ever dreamed it would be! After all, this is Tarsurella, The Place Where Dreams Come True! 😉 Here is a full, foldable map of not only the palace footprint, but more importantly, this map reveals some of the secret, underground passageways which we’ll be exploring. Be sure to Pin this in your back pocket, and keep it handy!” 

Clue 1: The Map. 

Create a Tales of Tarsurella Board – must be public, not private – and pin this image to it! If you’re having trouble pinning the image try downloading the Pin It button. Not sure how to do that? You may find this post helpful: http://www.tomsguide.com/faq/id-2327510/add-pinterest-pin-extension-browser.html 

You’ll want to keep this page handy, because it includes all the Treasure Hunt Stops! 

May 1st – Encouraging Words from the Tea Queen – 

May 2nd – Spoonful of Surprises – 

May 3rd – Writings from a God Girl – 

May 10th – The Pen of the Writer – 

May 16th –  Kaylee’s Kind of Writes – 

May 19th – Cup of Thoughts Blog – 

May 20th – Kara Swanson – 

May 22nd – Among the Reads – 

May 23rd – Jannette Fuller – 

May 27th – Hot Chocolate Confessions – hotchocolateconfessions@wordpress.com 

“Hello there, it is a pleasure to meet you, I’m Deborah, and I’ll be your Tour Guide during your stay here at the Palace! I know you’re eager to begin our Tour, so without any further ado, let us begin. 
The inaugural, first steps of our Tour shall begin just as they always do – strait to the Gift Shop! The Gift Shop is the perfect place to pick up souvenirs, trinkets, and fun items to remind you of your stay. Come right this way, and – oh dear. It looks like the Gift Shop is closed for remodeling. 
We’ll have to come back tomorrow, May 3
rd, and carry on then! I apologize for any inconvenience, but I look forward to exploring the shop with you tomorrow!”

(Be sure to visit: https://writingsfromagodgirl.wordpress.com/  on May 3rd for your next clues!)  


This Blog Tour is hosted by Livy Lynn link: http://www.livylynnblog.com. Check out The Coronation, and her new release The Rebellion, coming May 8th! 

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