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Tears stream unrestricted down her face. Rejected. Hurt. Confused. She finds herself in her bed crying herself to sleep. Again. Another night of tossing and turning and wondering why she was even born. Standards that she can’t meet, no matter how hard she tries. And nobody even seems to care that she’s trying her very best and still can’t make it. Just because her siblings can make straight A’s in school doesn’t mean she can. Why can’t she be herself without everyone telling her she needs to be more like someone else?

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If you’re one of those girls who struggles with meeting standards, one of those girls who tries so hard and still gets degraded, or one of those girls who watches with a broken heart as that happens to people all around you, I’m writing this for you.

So maybe your parents expect you to live up to their standards. Maybe they expect you to follow in their footsteps and take up the family business, even though you have absolutely no interest in it. Maybe you try to fit in and find yourself still completely on the outside. Maybe you are expected to make amazing grades, and you try your best and still miss the mark. So why try at all?

I’ll tell you why. You CAN’T let negative influences keep you from fulfilling your purpose. You CAN’T let people keep you from using your God-given potential to change lives. Yes, criticism hurts. But you CAN’T stop people from hurting you. What you can do is control how you react, and how it affects you.

Some people are put in your life to help you, and you can’t just ignore them.

Or maybe some people really do want to hurt you. But you know, any negative influence that you have in your life probably won’t be in your life forever. Someday they’ll die or move away or whatever, but you’re going to live on, and you can’t go on in life believing you’re a total failure because of what some people said.

So yes, there may be some tough stuff going on. But I’m encouraging you to be confident, even when others don’t believe in you. To follow your dreams, even when it’s hard. To just be who God made you to be, even when life gets tough. And just remember that you’re on this Earth for a reason.

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