Be That Person// Seeing Past the Mistakes to the Effort

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I’ve never really been into it poetry. So, naturally, when my language arts teacher announced that we were going to read poems, my reaction was less than excited. But that was before we read this life-changing poem that I immediately fell in love with.

This poem talks about a singer. An absolutely pitiful singer. He had so many beautiful thoughts that he yearned to express. But his voice denied him that opportunity. Rejection was his constant companion. People covered their ears every time he opened his mouth.

But did he give up? No. He kept on singing. Kept on trying. And guess what? One day a guy came along. And he saw past the noise coming out of his mouth to what was trying to come out. Past the imperfection to the beauty. He reached past the pitifulness to see what the singer saw. All those beautiful thoughts that he couldn’t express – the singer’s vision.

So this is my challenge for you this week: Be the person that sees past the imperfection to the beauty. Past all the failures to the efforts. Don’t be the person that scoffs at the failures, mistakes, and imperfections of other people, because you have plenty of your own. Be the person that sees past all of that to the effort, to the fact that they actually tried.

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