Friday Fantabulous Reads

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Hey guys! Welcome to the first post of Friday’s Fantabulous Reads! Today I’m reviewing Livy Jarmusch’s Regal Hearts.

Regal Hearts tells the story of Bella-Adar. Following the dramatic birth of her four beautiful daughters, the queen of Bella-Adar is killed by the merciless sword of an evil usurper. The daughters are secretly distributed around the world by a secret organization that separates them at birth to keep them safe. At the age of 16, they find out about each other and are beautifully reunited. But the kingdom is still being ruled by the evil usurper. Will the princesses be able to remain undetected while discovering how to get their kingdom back?

First of all, there’s no inappropriate content. Livy does a REALLY fantastic job of creating a suspenseful, romantic, captivating story without using any language.

Plot: The plot is VERY well-developed. There is a very unique and interesting story line with ALL KINDS of beautiful plot twists. I love Livy’s creativity and enthusiasm.

If you haven’t read this, it’s definitely worth the buy!

(Note to my wonderful subscribers: I decided I’m not going to do a book review every week. Instead, I’m going to do AT LEAST ONE POST A WEEK. It may be Friday’s Fantabulous Reads, Thursday Thankfulness, Monday Motivation, or just a normal blog post.)

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