I Am Unique

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Dust flies as you race across the field as fast as you can, but the ball is just too fast for you, whizzing ahead and reaching 1st base before you. You walk dejectedly back to home base, your face flushed. Will you ever make it?

Maybe you’re really athletic and you don’t get what I’m talking about because you’ve never faced that problem. But this is what life feels like sometimes. Maybe you feel like you fail at everything. NEWS FLASH!!!!: GOD DOESN’T CARE WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN’T DO. HE MADE YOU THAT WAY!

                God knows all about your inabilities, & he uses them to show his power. QUICK THOUGHT: How terrible would it be if everybody could do everything!? Your mistakes and inabilities are what make you unique!!

You can’t change who you are and I should hope you won’t even try. God made you special, and totally different from everyone else, and that’s a good thing. DON’T CHANGE YOURSELF TO MEET OTHER PEOPLE’S STANDARDS. A REAL princess can shine in blue jeans and a t-shirt, or whatever you like to wear. You can be whatever you want to be. Have fun being yourself and remember: When you be yourself, your REAL friends will love you even more and stick around; it’s just the people who don’t care about you that will stop hanging out with you.


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