How to Find the Perfect Images for Your Stunning Website {For Free!}

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Photos are what make your website pop with beautiful photos. Whether you take your own photos or rely on the Internet, this post is for you!!!
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When I first started my mission to make my website, I used any cute pics that I found on Google. The truth is, you can get in a whole lot of trouble and even go to court if you choose the wrong person’s photo. Honestly, I would be honored if someone wanted to use one of my photos, but apparently not everyone feels that way. Here’s how to stay out of that kind of trouble:
You can get a license for that, which you can find out more about here
Or you can simply ask permission. But when I use at least one image for each post, it would take a lot more time and effort, and thus delay my posts, so I just grab some images from a royalty free site. These are basically sites where photographers throw their pictures for anyone to use for anything appropriate:
Pixabay: I have to say this is definitely my favorite. They have a WIDE variety of pics that I have found super helpful. Thanks Pixabay!
~Free Range Stock: These photographers have a unique perspective. I find these images awesome for when I want to make word designs on them.
~Unsplash: I never would have thought of some of these photo ideas, and this is generally a tab I keep open when working on my blog.
For those who take your own amazing photos, here are some tips:
Rule of Thirds: If you love photography, you probably already know this basic rule. But for those who don’t…… Basically, you move the subject out of the center of the picture. For  example:
Leading Lines: Using the Rule of Thirds, keep the subject out of the center with things leading to it, guiding the viewer’s eyes to the subject. For example, wispy clouds creating lines leading to mountains, or roads leading to buildings.
Get To Know All About Your Camera: Figure out what every button does, so when it comes time to take your pictures, you’re not sitting there trying to figure out how to use it. There was all kinds of things I didn’t know about my camera, so I looked up the manual on the Internet, and I discovered all kinds of ways to make my pictures look better.
Did You Know: A cemetery can create a great photo opportunity? Some graves have beautiful flowers beside them, or ornately carved tombstones.
Check out 
Photography Life for some more awesome photo tips for beginners.

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