Making a Difference Matters

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Trapped in a world of lies and destruction, you watch in helpless horror as the world slowly falls apart. With each coming day, more lies are told, more friendships destroyed, and more bad things happen.
The good news is: You can make a difference. It’s natural for you to think ”I can’t do that! It’s impossible! Nobody would listen to me!”But you can! Anyone who can speak has power and influence to do something amazing!
People out there are hurting, in poor countries, and even the U.S., including where you live. There are many possible ways that people could be suffering:
1) There are always going to be some people that don’t know Jesus. They’re all around you. Show them kindness, and lend them a helping hand. Shine with the love of Jesus through your actions and words.
2) They could be suffering from abuse, which means that they’re both emotionally and physically hurting. If you see signs of abuse, or something even the least bit suspicious, report it to someone with more authority. You may be wrong, but what if you were right and didn’t report it? Don’t talk yourself out of what you saw, because you could change someone’s life!
3) Some people may deal with poverty and/or depression. Help them out whenever you can; try to help them along and boost their self-confidence.
Here are a couple suggestions to make someone’s day a little brighter:
Keep a few sticky notes in your purse with sayings like ” Have a great day,” or ”You are amazing,” to stick to a bathroom mirror when you go shopping.
Stick a note in your mailbox for your mailman to cheer them up; include some candy, cookies, or something homemade for a special touch.

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