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What Hand Lettering Is+ How YOU Can Do It

What Hand Lettering Is + How You Can Do It!

3 Things You Can Learn From My Mistakes

5 Free Resources for Artists

Ever wondered how to create the lovely fonts that are floating around Pinterest?

Wonder no more. 

Here’s how you can start hand lettering RIGHT. NOW. 

My story gets kind of messy, because I’m a hot mess. 

I’m broken, and lost, and alone without my Father. 

Here’s what you can learn from my mistakes.

Hey there, pro artist, artist in the making, and artist wanna be.

Here are some resources to get you totally stoked to tackle your projects and explore the art world. 

Best part? They’re free. 

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog

You dream of starting a blog. You  plan every last detail in your mind. You carefully craft your blog posts. But you have no clue how to put those dreams and plans into action. I’m with you one hundred percent, girlie. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the freebies page for this and more! 

motivational printables for women

Motivational Printables for Women

Fabulous fun, and getting stuff done. Here’s an inspiring set of printables to encourage you to follow your dreams, smash your goals, and just be the awesome woman that God made you to be. 

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